Free credit monitoring offered by Equifax

Equifax is offering a free monitoring service to anyone—not only those who are affected by this breach. Since this is a free service, you should consider signing up for this service, if it makes sense for you, by visiting .

Any time you are offered free credit monitoring, make sure you check for:

  • Trial periods
  • Fees
  • Cancellation requirements
  • Other restrictions, such as automatic renewals
  • Whether you are being asked to give your credit card, debit card, or bank account information

If you don’t give your credit card, debit card, or bank account information, that helps to avoid getting automatically renewed and charged for something that you expected to be free. This will also help to make sure you don’t face unexpected fees, charges, or other limitations.

Credit monitoring and arbitration

In the initial response to the data breach, people were concerned over an arbitration clause to enroll in Equifax’s TrustedID program for credit monitoring. Originally, this clause stated that claims and disputes against the company would be settled by arbitration, as opposed to in a court of law.

In an update for consumers , Equifax announced that it has removed the arbitration clause language from its terms of use for the credit monitoring product, called TrustedID Premier. With this change, the company has stated that anyone who enrolls in the company’s free credit file monitoring and identity theft protection will not waive their right to pursue legal action or join a class-action lawsuit concerning the cybersecurity incident or the TrustedID Premier product provided in response to that incident, should you choose.

September e-Statement Drawing Winner

Congratulations to Craig Cutshaw our lucky September 2017 drawing winner for a $50 Visa Gift Card.  The winner’s name was selected from all members that are enrolled in e-Statements and are automatically eligible to win the monthly $50 gift card drawing.

Congratulations, also to the following members who won a $50 Visa Gift Card simply for being enrolled in e-Statements:

Last Month’s Winner: Andrew and Barbara Aldrich






Account@ccess Upcoming Changes

Protecting our members’ information is a priority for Columbus United FCU.   A new release of Account@ccess will enhance and strengthen security measures, all geared to help protect you, our owner/member.

  • Security Codes created or changed after the new release date will be case sensitive.
  • Logon IDs may no longer be your account number, Social Security Number or email address.  All members using any one of these items as their Logon ID will be forced to change their Logon ID to comply with the new rules.
  • Mobile Money, our mobile App access to your accounts, will allow users to enable Touch ID to allow for quick access to mobile banking using a fingerprint registered on your mobile device.

Watch for details of this release in the coming days.

Mobile Money Security Upgrade

Columbus United FCU’s mobile banking application, Mobile Money, will be upgrading security protocols on June 25, 2017

How does this affect you, our members?

  • Mobile Money users must have operating systems on their mobile devices that support TLS 1.2.  The primary goal of the TLS protocol is to provide privacy and data integrity between two communicating applications.
  • Android users must have an operating system of version 4 or higher.
  • Apple users must have an operating system of  version 8.0 or higher.
  • Those with operating systems that do not support TLS 1.2 will receive a “system error”  when attempting to log into Mobile Money beginning June 25th.
  • We encourage all members to upgrade their mobile device operating systems to the required versions to continue use of Mobile Money.