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Service Charges

Effective May 1, 2020

Regular Share Account Inactivity$5.00/month after 1 year & acc. balance under $100.00
Re-open Account$25.00/if re-opened within 90 days
Deposited Check Copy$10.00/item
Stop Payment$30.00/request
Auto Transfer (Sweep)$5.00/transfer
Returned Deposited Checks$10.00/item
Insufficient Funds (Checks)$30.00 *
Insufficient Funds (ACH)$30.00 *
Continuous Negative Balance$5.00/day after 5 days with negative balance
Teller Check (made to non-account holder)$2.00/item
Statement Copy$10.00/per periodic statement
Account History Printout$10.00/month
ACH Change Request$10.00/request
Wire Transfer (incoming)$5.00/transfer
Wire Transfer (outgoing)$25.00/domestic transfer/$50.00/foreign transfer
Account Reconciliation$25.00/hour ($25.00 minimum)
Account Research$25.00/hour ($10.00 minimum)
Affidavit of Loss$25.00/item
Money Order$5.00/item
Cashier’s Check$10.00/item
Returned Mail$5.00/item
Garnishment/Lien Assessment$50.00/assessment
Fax (sending and receiving) Services$5.00/fax
Photocopy Services$.25/page
Non-Member Check-Cashing$5.00/item

Checking Accounts

Premier Checking Maintenance$5.00/month (if min. balance not maintained)
Health Savings Account Maintenance$2.00/month
Cleared Check Copy$5.00/item

Visa Check Card and ATM Card

Transactions at CUFCU owned ATMsNo Charge

Transactions at non-owned ATMs

Withdrawal at other owned ATM - Basic$1.50/withdrawal
Withdrawal at other owned ATM - Premier$1.50/withdrawal after 5 per month
Insufficient Funds (ATM)$10.00
Insufficient Funds (Debit Card)$10.00 *
Replacement Card (BIN unchanged)$5.00/card
Replacement Card (BIN changed)$10.00/card
International Interchange (Check Card)Visa® interchange charge – pass through **
Personal Identification Number (PIN) Change$5.00/request

Bill Pay Plus

Service Inactivity$5.00/month for calendar month with no activity

*A NSF charge is imposed each time an item is presented against insufficient funds. The payee (or the payee's institution) may re-present a previously returned item.  Each presentment against insufficient funds will result in a separate charge.

**This fee applies to any debit card transaction made at a location in a foreign country, or payable to a merchant located in a foreign country even if you initiate the transaction from within the United States.

Our Rates & Service Charges explains current terms, rates and service charges applicable to the savings, checking and certificate accounts we offer. We may offer other rates and require other service charges or amend the rates and service charges, as explained in this disclosure, from time to time. Each owner on an account agrees to the terms described in this disclosure and acknowledges that it is a part of the Member Service Agreement (MSA).

Explanation of Rates and Service Charges