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Mortgage Loans

Home financing can seem like an overwhelming process. Our Home Loan experts can explain the process in easy-to-understand terms and help you find a mortgage product that fits your budget and your lifestyle.

What costs and fees are associated with a mortgage loan?

The loan rate isn’t the only cost associated with a home loan. A home loan often involves fees, such as loan origination or underwriting fees and settlement or closing costs. Some fees are paid when you apply for a loan and others are paid at closing. Other costs, such as property taxes, are often paid with your mortgage.

What is included in a monthly mortgage payment?

Your monthly payment will typically contain these components:

  • Principal - The money you borrow and have to pay back
  • Interest - The cost you pay to borrow the money
  • Property taxes and homeowners’ insurance - These are costs of homeownership, not of borrowing money. They are usually bundled with your monthly payment and managed through an escrow account.

What type of mortgage loan is best?

Our loan experts focus on you and your financial goals. We take the time to sit down with you and discuss your individual goals to help find the mortgage loan that is right for you. We will be with you every step of the process, we’ll provide guidance and timely updates

Ready to get started?

We make mortgage loans for the following purposes:

  • Home Purchase - first home, a move up or just a change of address.
  • Home Refinance - tap your home’s equity to lower your rate, consolidate debt or get cash.
  • Home Construction - floor plans to the last coat of paint.
  • Home Equity - equity to help pay for college, purchase an auto, or a dream vacation.
  • Home Improvement - siding, garage, new kitchen or bathroom...endless possibilities.
  • Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) – easy access your home’s equity and cash!

Choose from these Real Estate Loans:


This fixed rate mortgage product has no income or property condition restrictions and can be written for extended terms with affordable down payment options.

Rural Development (RD)

The RD loan is a federal government guaranteed loan that requires no money down for purchase and can extend repayment terms. There are income restriction guidelines and property conditions requirements to qualify for this mortgage loan.

Down Payment Assistance

Through strategic partnerships, we can introduce you to down payment assistance programs.


See our Mortgage Loan Officers for details on all of our Mortgage Loan options.  All loans are subject to approval.